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Month: April 2017

Should I Post “Normal Stuff”?

Should I Post “Normal Stuff”?

This may surprise you, but I tend to be pretty vocal on social media and such.  I really enjoy digging into some of the more nuanced pieces of healthcare (specifically mental health), public education, and broad stroke foreign policy.

You know.  Normal stuff.

The problem there is that everyone is so polarized nowadays that you can rarely have a conversation without someone just repeating themselves and their stance/insult over and over again.  Gone seem to be the days of civil debate and mutual respect.

Anyway, this post is being put out for one specific reason: to see if you, the few folks who read this site, would want to get more content from me that probably will include the topics mentioned above.  If you don’t and you’d prefer I keep it abstracted into fiction, I totally understand.  Just keep in mind that my fiction still addresses these items, it’s just in a safe environment.

I made a poll.  Click away and let me know.
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