Poll: I Rewrote Immortal, How Should I Publish It?

Poll: I Rewrote Immortal, How Should I Publish It?

Hi everyone,Long time, no speak. I’d like to ask you all a question, but first, a little backstory:About a year ago, I pulled Immortal off the shelves and rewrote it, almost entirely. The resulting book is titled Fallen Gods and is a standalone book, rather than the first in a series.  I tried pitching it to agents, thinking maybe I could take this book through traditional publishing avenues, but no one I’d like to work with in that field seems willing to take a “previously self-published” book. 

So, here we are. I’d like to release this as a “new” book, but don’t want to piss everyone off.

I have to ask: would you prefer I release it as new because of how different it is, or should I update the old manuscript and push it out that way, possibly confusing people because it has a different title, pacing, etc.?

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