Updates Galore

Updates Galore

I’ve been busy and three months have disappeared.

I’d say it’s a time warp, but clearly I just haven’t been committed to popping in here as I probably should be. Well, prepare for updates!

The Storyteller Series Podcast

Since I last posted here, I’ve taken over the reins of Storyteller Series pretty much all the way through. That should be changing on the Host front in 2022 (the always wonderful Megs is joining StS!), but for now I’m the Editor/Director/Producer of Storyteller Series. As such, I’ve dropped a bunch of new content you can listen to for free either by subscribing to the podcast here, or listening to each directly below.

StS Episode 11: The Rules

The Rules written by M. C. Benner Dixon.

“Clara has spent years fixing up her house. But now it seems the walls are caving in.”

StS Episode 12: Open House

Open House by Janet Alcorn

“Want a good, cheap home in this housing market? Better bring your decorating ideas. And a lighter.”

StS Episode 13: The Door Is Open

“The Door Is Open” by Warren Benedetto (Twitter: @warrenbenedetto)

“Grief can drive you to do incredible things… but sometimes chasing the incredible leads to a world filled with unimaginable horrors.”

TW: Violence, Suicide, Miscarriage, Drugs, Alcohol

StS Episode 14: Hunger

Hunger by Natalie Huber Rodriguez

“In the harsh North American wilderness, an immigrant and his family encounter an ancient evil in the land… an evil he may know all too well.”

TW: Extreme violence, spousal/child abuse, for historical accuracy outdated and or offensive terms may be used in this story

StS Episode 15: The Gathering of Drowned Voices

The Gathering of Drowned Voices by Ben Curl

“When the cries of the lost fall upon your ears, do you turn away and pretend not to hear? Or do you lean toward those voices and bear witness, even if it costs you your soul?”

I’m especially proud of Episode 15, which just dropped this morning. It’s our first podcast with sound effects and the character work by Aaron Carbullido is excellent.

Beyond StS, I’ve been getting my manuscripts back out to agents. Recently, I rewrote the query letter for The Ladder as well as finessed the intro to avoid a trope. Here’s hoping that goes someplace now.

I also have received Honorable Mentions from each quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest this year. It’s great and… annoying. I have fifteen Honorable Mentions now. Starting to think about wallpapering my office with these things.

In diary-esque news, I’m heading to the Superstars Writing Seminar in February. It’ll run over my birthday, so I’m hoping it ends up feeling a bit like a present. Guess we’ll see.

There is a bunch more stuff, but, uh, I’m going to stop now.

Oh, and check out that featured image. Made it with artflow.ai and it kind of looks like Dervy, though this pic is very Caucasian.

Bye for now!

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