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Perfecting Humanity

Perfecting Humanity

Background: Perfecting Humanity is a story that popped into my head years ago when perusing some “everything is a simulation” fiction. The concept of us living in a simulation has always bugged me. If humanity is simply a simulated existence, then why don’t we see the rollbacks, the retcons? The solution, it turned out, was in git.

Git is a version manager tool primarily used for coding and such. I’m not going to dig in too deep here, but suffice to say, it makes it easy for versions of code to be spun off while maintaining a pristine “main” branch of the code.

Once I thought of it that way, Perfecting Humanity came into being. After all, why run a simulation unless you’re trying to figure out how to perfect something? Why would humanity be any different? Each step, each iteration, should ideally bring us closer to that perfection.

The only issue is humans are not perfect. And we never will be.

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This is my story and isn’t being given away; i.e. all ideas are mine unless otherwise noted. See my copyright page for details.

February 8, 2008

The first time I died I was eighteen.

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