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“Soundless” Available Now!

“Soundless” Available Now!

Darin is a good guy.

At least, that’s what he thinks.

He’s a telekinetic contract killer for the government. They point, he shoots.

When a successful job gets complicated, he finds himself on the run from his former employers and in possession of a secret that changes history and the face of the world.

Can Darin expose this terrible plot before they kill him?

Does he even want to?

You’ll love this dystopian novella because everyone needs to feel hope in the face of overwhelming odds.

Get it now!

SOUNDLESS is available for Pre-Order!

SOUNDLESS is available for Pre-Order!

It’s finally happened… SOUNDLESS is up and available for pre-order!  If you’re into dystopias, telekinetic assassins, and government eugenics conspiracies, this is right up your alley.  

It’s also a whopping $0.99 so…

*gestures wildly at the pre-order button*

Soundless Cover Art